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"Branch 000, Quebec Provincial Command"

Mull Of Kintyre

105-2727 Saint-Patrick St.,
Montreal, Qc,
H3K 0A8,
Tel: (514) 866-7491
Toll Free: 1 (877) 401-7111
Email: Info@qc.legion.ca

Special Quebec Command Branch

Reference: Bylaws of Quebec Provincial Command, article IX.

  • The Special Quebec Command Branch is (Que. 00) Branch.
  • Membership in this special Branch is limited to eligible members whose special status restricts them from joining a regular Legion Branch.
  • Members shall be transferred to the Branch of their choice when their special status no longer exists.
  • This special Branch will not hold meetings, elect officers or appoint delegates and is not affiliated with a subordinate Command or District.
  • The Command President and Executive Director will administer the affairs of this special Branch, under the direction of the Sub-Executive Committee.
  • Per capita tax shall be collected from all members of this special Branch, and will be remitted to its superior Command in accordance with the General Bylaws.
  • The Command name and the Branch number, in that order, shall be shown in the designation of this special Branch.
  • The provisions of other sections of Article VI of the General Bylaws do not apply to this special Branch.
  • Initiation of members of this special Branch may be deferred until such time as they transfer to a regular Branch.

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